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CuraNet Provider Network (All Providers, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana):

Regional Directories by CuraNet Affiliated Network*:

HAP Preferred PPO - Network Code PY1

HCAP-Health Care Alliance Pool - Network Code C02

SPHN-Sparrow Physician Health Network - Network Code C03

Paramount Preferred Options - Network Code C04

Community Health Alliance - Network Code C06

Community Health Partners - Network Code C07

Preferred Partner of Kalamazoo - Network Code C08

Hillsdale Health Care - Network Code C09

Branch County PHO - Network Code C10

Real Health C/O WPPN - Network Code C11

CuraNet Unassigned (Multiplan) - Network Code C99

*All members are assigned to a local PPO network, based on their 5 digit Zip Code. The local network's logo is displayed in the upper right hand corner of your ID Card. Regardless of the local PPO network you are assigned to, all members have access to the full CuraNet network. By printing your local PPO, this allows you to create a more personalized provider directory of the participating In-Network providers in your area.

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