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Complete Healthcare

As costs continue to rise, employers are reluctant to shift more costs to employees. But employers and employees still require relief from the increasing costs, eroding bottom lines and take home pay. CuraNet aims to keep annual employee costs under control by identifying options for optimal use of benefit dollars. CuraNet is an innovative solution to the endless search for the "right" cost containment strategies for employers seeking to control health care benefit costs.

Local and National Affiliated Provider Networks
By working with CuraNet's local provider networks, employers can offer employees access to a greater number of physicians and hospitals. The partnership with these providers can help control health care costs and promote wellness. CuraNet is also affiliated with National PPOs to provide coverage for employees that live outside of the CuraNet service area or for employees and dependents that travel.

Bariatric Services
Bariatric surgery can benefit people struggling with morbid obesity and has been shown to impact obesity-related health conditions. CuraNet offers bariatric services through affiliates. A consultation will provide members the necessary information to decide whether bariatric surgery is the right choice. To search for a participating bariatric clinic to meet your needs, use the Provider Search.

Integrated Care Management
CuraNet provides Integrated Care Management to employees and their dependents. Case Management, Health Coaching, Pre-certification and Utilization review are available to complement a company’s benefit strategies. CuraNet also offers a comprehensive Wellness Program for any size employer whether they are fully insured or self-funded.

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